Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is not just for living, It is much above than this.....................

How many people live the life................What is your answer? You really do live your life. Think once again. I am not saying that you woke up in the morning, go to your work , came back and eat well and sleep. This is not the realy life... This is an ordinary life which is living by millions of millions life all over the world daily.

Did we really enjoy our day today? How much time , we were happy in the day. This counts and this is realy life.

Do one simple exercise every evening when you go to bed, ask some question to you-
- Is the gone day was your favourite day?
- Are you able to remember this day after 1 year?
- Is you feel complacent today?
- Is anyone praise you today?

If your answers are Yes then you are really lived this day and If there is "no" think on it. I also belive that every day can not be a special day. Yes! Agreed. But atleast we can try.

I believe , " If you are also ready for failure , you win is definite."

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