Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is the most important things to get the success ?

Last day, I was talking with one of my friend and he told me that one of his classmate has got the opportunity in a very big company and he is still with the same company. He also told me that they were classmate and he was not much intelligent than him but today he is better than him. I discussed the matter with him and asked why he is better today ? and have he done the analysis? then he told me that After passed out from college he remain in the same field and My friend changed his field thrice.

then I explained him that this is the root cause of him that he did not channelise his energy and potential into one field and his friend channelise his energy into one field. This made the difference.

So, the jist of this is- Channelisation of energy is must to achieve the success in life. Set your target and stick with it. Let face every pros and cons of it. Gradually and steadily you will start to climb the rock. Don't understimate your self and every human being in this world is very talented and he /she has the caliber to do the miracle.

Identify yourself and start working..............This will definately make the difference.